14 June 2010

The Beginning of the End

when you're on the road...
While this might be somewhat presumptuous, as two former, paid archaeologists, D and I are bringing you this blog to analyze and interpret the decay of the midwest (and elsewhere) like nobody's business. After all, we're trained professionals...
All joking aside, while we have quit our archaeology and are moving onto greener pastures, there's something about the past that won't let go. The decay and ruin of a building that was once prosperous, the thrill of seeing something that hasn't been seen in years or ages, the comforting yet terrifying realization that nothing lasts forever: all of these are experienced only by those who dare to venture beyond today.

We will begin with a place particularly poignant in the wake of the massive oil spill disaster: an abandoned gas station. This Texaco gas station hasn't been shut down for more than 10-15 years, but time has not been kind. Somewhere around Abingdon, IL, the green moss is reclaiming its territory.
the greenhouse effect
The greenhouse effect is alive and well here, causing the quick decay of the gas station. In the quiet of the cornfields, this gas station will never pump gas again, but here we will begin driving.

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