30 November 2010

Ghost Signs: J.F. Reynolds-Day 20

This last ghost sign (for now, of course) is hidden between tall buildings in Macomb, IL.
J.F. Reynolds Home Furnisher Ghost Signs

29 November 2010

Ghost Signs: Dry Goods and Dave's Day 19

These two ghost signs are on the side of another building in Nauvoo, IL.
nauvoo ghost signs
It's a pretty long building.
nauvoo ghost signs
The faint ghost sign in the back reads "Dry Goods" and according to the Nauvoo Historical Society walking tour the building was a dry goods store from 1891 until the 1920s.

28 November 2010

Ghost Signs: Restored "Bull" Durham- Day 18

Back to "Bull" Durham as promised! This restored ghost sign can be found in Nauvoo, IL, on the side of the Hotel Nauvoo.
restored "bull" durham ghost sign
According to the Nauvoo Historical Society's walking tour, the sign was originally painted during the late 1800s to early 1900s when the building was the Hudson Brothers' Meat Market. The sign has since been restored- most recently in the 1990s.

Ghost Signs: Gold Medal and Bull Durham Day 17

For Day 17, we have a three in one special.
Gold Medal and Bull Durham Ghost Sign

27 November 2010

Ghost Signs: Times-Citizen Day 16

Hmmm. Okay let's just pretend like there wasn't a long hiatus between Day 15 and Day 16 shall we? Moving on.
Times-Citizen Ghost Sign

This ghost sign is on the side of a small brick building in Roseville, IL. At the top the sign says "Times-Citizen" and at the bottom "Printing." The middle part is a bit more illegible.