27 November 2010

Ghost Signs: Times-Citizen Day 16

Hmmm. Okay let's just pretend like there wasn't a long hiatus between Day 15 and Day 16 shall we? Moving on.
Times-Citizen Ghost Sign

This ghost sign is on the side of a small brick building in Roseville, IL. At the top the sign says "Times-Citizen" and at the bottom "Printing." The middle part is a bit more illegible.

The Roseville Times-Citizen was one of the major papers in this small town. According to the 1903 Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois the Times-Citizen was formed by the merger of two papers (The Times and The Roseville Citizen) on June 30, 1900. The paper was apparently "a seven-column quarto, Republican in politics. The paper is owned by the Roseville Printing and Publishing Co., with Mr. Taylor as publisher. The company owns the building in which the paper has its home, and it is styled the Temple of Truth." (ref) I am assuming that this building is the building which the 1903 Encyclopedia references.

The last year of publication that I have verified so far is 1954. The paper is no longer publishing and hasn't for quite some time. But if you'd like to buy the obits from that 1954 issue just follow this like for the Warren Co. Historical Society. (ref)

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