29 November 2010

Ghost Signs: Dry Goods and Dave's Day 19

These two ghost signs are on the side of another building in Nauvoo, IL.
nauvoo ghost signs
It's a pretty long building.
nauvoo ghost signs
The faint ghost sign in the back reads "Dry Goods" and according to the Nauvoo Historical Society walking tour the building was a dry goods store from 1891 until the 1920s.

The most obvious part of the ghost sign is the recently painted Budweiser sign, that also advertises for the Red Front, which is technically still in business as Dottie's Red Front, although most locals call it just "Dottie's."
nauvoo ghost signs
Looking closer we can see that it used to be "Dave's Red Front" and then it was also a bar- hence the Budweiser ad.
nauvoo ghost signs
(Look closely at the top for the blue "Dave's" that's been painted over with white paint.)

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