28 November 2010

Ghost Signs: Gold Medal and Bull Durham Day 17

For Day 17, we have a three in one special.
Gold Medal and Bull Durham Ghost Sign

First up we have the Times-Citizen Printing ghost sign which we covered on Day 16. (This is the other side of that same building.) Except we also learn that the paper was printed "Twice Weekly" and the "Printing" part of the ghost sign is beside the "Times-Citizen" instead of underneath it.
Gold Medal and Bull Durham Ghost Sign
Next there are two more ghost signs one right on top of the other.* I can't really tell which sign came first- they're both so transparent and I haven't been able to find any historical pictures to help out.
Gold Medal and Bull Durham Ghost Sign
We'll just start with the Gold Medal Flour one that appears to have a bull as a new variation on the standard ghost sign. But wait, that bull is actually part of the rather large Bull Durham Tobacco sign!
Gold Medal and Bull Durham Ghost Sign
The Bull Durham ad includes the bull, their slogan "The Old Reliable" and "Bull Durham." More about Bull Durham tomorrow.

*If you look really close, there also appears to be really faint outlines of letters in the middle of the bull (an o and an e towards the end) as well as in the rest of the Gold Medal crest. So there might be four ghost signs instead of just three.

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