08 August 2010

A word about format...

We are about to start our study, if you will, of the decaying little (maybe not so little) towns (maybe not even towns) of the midwest. After much contemplating and discussion, D and I have decided to follow the following format for these vignettes.

The Trailer: First, we will introduce you to the town. It might be brief, it might be long. We'll see and it will depend on the place. Consider it a teaser if you must. But don't worry, unlike most trailers these won't use up all the good scenes.

The Movie: This will be where we really go into detail. As much history as I care to dig up (I'm an archaeologist at heart. It'll be lengthy!) More pictures. Details, details, details!!!

The Sequels: I'm not a huge fan of updating old posts. I never remember to go back and check old posts. Not that I'm criticizing anybody that does, but on our blog I just don't want to confuse what I wrote before and what I know now. We want the most current information to be the most recent on the blog. So sequels are essentially updates on towns we've already talked about. Both from my reader and my author viewpoint, this is better. Trust me.

The Attractions: If a town has something that's just so cool it deserves its own post, then its an attraction. Or if something's not in a town.

Get ready, it's all coming soon.

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