22 October 2010

Ghost Signs: One Horse Grocery- Day 11

This is quite possibly my favorite ghost sign so far. When I first saw the sign all I read was "Horse Grocery" which I thought was hilarious, imagining a whole bunch of horses going shopping for food.
One Horse Grocery Ghostsign
After doing some searching I finally figured out that the word in front of horse is "one." So the sign actually reads ".....'s One Horse Grocery." So far the only one horse grocery I've been able to turn up and records on is in Iowa, but in Council Bluffs- all the way across the state. That One Horse Grocery was started by "Honest John" Clausen in 1866. For more information on that check out The Historical Society of Pottawattamie County's website here. I don't think this sign says "Clausen's" even though the front of the first word looks like it could be Clausen's I think the word ends with a "t." It's possible the sign could have been repainted or altered since it was first painted so maybe it is an advertisement for Clausen's One Horse Grocery after all.
One Horse Grocery Ghostsign

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